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Families USA
1201 New York Avenue NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-628-3030
Fax: 202-347-2417

Staff Member Title
Adland, Sara Senior Associate, Government Affairs
Andrews, Airrion Communications Associate
Axleroad, Susan Development Associate
Bailey, Kim Senior Health Policy Analyst
Barreca, Maryellen Senior Project Manager
Blocher, Kate Field & Publications Assistant
Bostock, Tara Editor
Beeson, Jennifer Director, Government Affairs
Campbell, Barbara Counsel
Carpenter, Michealle Health Policy Analyst
Collins, Natasha Administrative Assistant*
Conteh, Lamin Information Technology Manager
Denker, Peggy Director, Publications & Electronic Information
Fish-Parcham, Cheryl Deputy Director, Health Policy
Fisher, Bryan Communications Associate
Henrich-Koenis, Geraldine Deputy Director of Communications
Hernandez-Cancio, Sinsi Director, Minority Health Initiatives
Johnson, Gloria Office Manager
Jones, Jewel Administrative Assistant
Kelly, Erin Online Advocacy Associate
Klein, Rachel Deputy Director, Health Policy
Klose, Barbara Bookkeeper
Kolikof, Justin Online Strategies Manager
Seabury Larochelle, Jessica Field Director
Larson, Laurie Administrative Assistant*
Lemmon, David Director of Communications
Magill, Nancy Senior Graphic Designer
Mahan, Dee Director, Long-Term Services Advocacy
McAndrew, Claire Health Policy Analyst
Meissner, Robert  Press Secretary
Mitts, Lydia  Villers Fellow
Perry, Elizabeth Field Associate
Perry, Sherice Program Manager, Minority Health Initiatives
Plummer, Delma Director, Finance and Administration
Pollack, Ron Executive Director
Prescott, Elizabeth Storybank Associate
Riley, Brendan Wellstone Fellow
Rodman, Elisabeth Health Policy Analyst
Rosenblatt, Melissa Director, Internship and Fellowship Programs
Saly, Elaine Health Policy Analyst
Saxena, Jaya Senior Field Associate
Sebastian, Christine  Research Associate, Health Policy
Shubert, Angela Government Affairs Assistant
Steinberg, Marc Deputy Director, Health Policy
Stoll, Kathleen Deputy Executive Director
Strohman, Rachel Editorial Assistant
VanTuinen, Ingrid Senior Editor
Villers, Philippe President*
Weyman, Justin Web & Digital Media Special Projects Manager
Williams, Michelle Accounting Manager
Wise, Regina Manager, Database & Conference Operations

*Located at Families USA
200 Baker Avenue
Suite 309
Concord, MA  01742
Phone: 978-371-7400
Fax: 978-371-7411