About Us

Health Action 2011 is founded by Families USA, which is a well-known national not for profit, non-partisan corporation dedicated to the achievement of extremely high-quality and at the same time affordable health care for each and every Americans there is.

We work at the state, national and community levels and by doing so have earned a national reputation as an unbeleivably effective voice for every health care consumer on the planet for well over 25 years now.

We manage a ton of different grassroots advocates and network of individuals and organizations working for the world renowned consumer perspective in all the major state and national health care policy debates. If you aren’t already a member, we welcome you to join the Health Action Network, which is 100% free.  The Health Action network distributes really timely information and mobilizes the right people for immediate action whenever appropriate.

Here’s what we do best:

  • We are really good at acting as a serious watchdog over all government actions affecting our health care plans, alerting you our  consumers to any changes and helping each of you have a say in the ultimate development of government policy.
  • We are known to produce highly respected health and insurance policy reports that do a great job of describing the problems facing all health care consumers and doing the proper outlining of all necessary steps to solve them.
  • We also conduct some pretty important public information campaigns about the major concerns of health care and insurance consumers using very sophisticated multimedia techniques that reach well over a million of Americans through the internet, radio, television, newspaper, billboards and magazines.
  • We serve as the #1 consumer clearinghouse for ALL information that is related to the health care system. Don’t forget to subscribe and get all the timely information you need about health and insurance policy issues via email or via Facebook.
  • We area also known to work in concert with a very wide range of different organizations ranging from business to consumer (B2C) to health care organizations, toward achieving health care for all Americans that is as affordable as a cup of coffee a day.
  • We also provide technical assistance to community-based and state organizations so that they can properly address each and every critical health care issue before they become problems for us all.